Saturday, January 15, 2011

A teamsterscatteryunion Reminder ~~

Since Sam and I are Charter Members of the teamsterscatteryunion – and we hope you join, too, and post a membership button – we are doing a reminder of a serious nature today.  Yes, sometimes we are very serious, but only after a morning of major romping and running all over the house with our toys.  Today is such a day and we’re almost ready for a nap. Here are the reminders for the day:

First, do not forget our cousins in shelters.  Shelters don’t have all the conveniences of home like we are so lucky to have. They need all sorts of things, like food donations, toys, blankets, even first aid kits. They tell me they would love if people would give of their time, too, and come visit and talk to us.  They are waiting for just the right person to take them to their forever home.  So please look to your left and see the button that says Blog The Change and click to participate and add the button to your page, too.  It’s important.

Second, look to the left again for my Free Kibble button and click it.  This is a wonderful (and even fun) way to contribute kibble every single day to shelters with just the click of the mouse (the one on your desk, not the one we’d love for lunch). On that site, you can even click for doggies’ kibbles!  How cool is that!  So click, it’s free, and add that button to your page to click EVERY day as well.  Every little bit helps, right?

Ok, that’s it for us today. It’s nap time and Sam’s head is already draped off the side of the desk.  Guess I’ll have to nudge him to the bed.  We’ll see all of you wonderful, stupendous, furry friends later.  MUCHO nose kisses and head bonks all around.

We are  Sam The Man & Luscious Lucy signing off………..whitepawprintsonblkbackgrnd


  1. HiYa Lucy and Sam. Lucy, I hope you are sharing the mirror with Sam today. Have a wonderful nap.

  2. I will take care of all of the suggestions. Lucy I just asked Mr. Puddy if he would think about you two getting married since you look so much alike. The kittens would be stunners!

  3. Great post gang, thanks for being part of the change! Y'all rock!!!

  4. Good morning Sweet Heart,
    All your suggestions are great ! I will check it out !

    About us, ( whisper )...I have to keep it secret ! I'm a bit shy and my family is worse !!! If they know this, they will tease me whole day whole night plus they will tell all cats on my street !
    Lucy Lucy Lucy, What's I'm gonna do with you ?


  5. Dear Luscious Lucy formerly Lucy the Beautiful:
    Can't you be both? To me you are both luscious and beautiful! Thank you for the reminder words to take care of our own in shelters. Sam, you look floofy like me. So nice to meet both of you!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  6. OKcats said...
    Excellent reminders! Our mom goes to the shelter where she adopted my little sister, Zoe, and plays with the cats every couple of weeks or so. She really enjoys it, and we don't mind (as long as she comes home alone!). However, we're getting a little bit tired of all the time she's spending having meetings about fundraisers for their new dog park and sanctuary! Also, she love the Free Kibble trivia questions every day!

    Have a great day, friends!

    Your friend, Fuzzy (and Zoe)
    I had to put THIS up for you, Fuzzy. My post went crazy and it missed it's mark, but here you are and it's GOOD! purrrs from me to you

  7. Oh Miss Lucy
    We think there is love in the air with Mr Puddy!
    What a duo the two of you will make! We adore Mr Puddy and now we also adore you too. (AND of course Sam as well)
    Mom and Dad work with a rescue cat group every weekend finding new homes for kitties. Dad even makes scratch posts from hand to give to the new adopters. We love finding new homes for kitties.

    Pee ssss
    We will join your union!

  8. Hi Lucy & Sam,
    Lolly here,,,, Tanxz for comin ta see me.
    (whisper,,,) You gonna get Married?????
    You can tellz your Mom she can come to our blog too,,,,So gladz you likez to visit ^~^ We'z like to visit u too,,,,We jus added da free kibble button to our sidebar,tanxz for remindin us,,,,, Hey Lucy,if you get Married can I come too? Gotta go ,
    Bye See Ya Later ~ Headbutts to All*

  9. Thanks for those reminders, Lucy! Our mom has made a resolution to volunteer more with the local rescue group. They are opening a low cost spay/neuter clinic later this year and mom wants to help out as much as she can!

  10. Lucy,

    Your mom visited me in another blog of mine " Mr Puddy Zone
    " and I read her profile and I just know you two were a rescued cats. We have a special page in our blog call " We Support Rescued Breed " and I link your blog in this page and hope you don't mind : )

    Everyday Mr Puddy: We Support Rescued Breed

  11. Hey Lucy! Here's just a thought (use it or don't use it) but I make an excellent ring bearer....I can balance things and walk realy slow....prrrrromise....
    Laters from the cutest kitten x