Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh Yes! Here I am, World! The “Paws” That Refreshes ~~

I am LUCY! And this is my formal debut and introduction as Lucy The Beautiful, but you may call me Lucy for short.

Just look at me.  Am I gorgeous or what!  I’m so lucky, I have a house, a MALE that thinks I’m the best thing since tuna, and a human female that gives me anything I want.  Some say I’m spoiled, and some say I talk way too much, but hey, I have a lot to say, and as for spoiled?  Are you kidding?  A girl can never have too many toys, or too many boys, or too many humans to Oooo and Ahhhh over her.  Yes, life is sublime and I’m the center of it.  I love the camera and the camera loves me, so here’s a picture of me in all my glory:

  Lucy1onsatincomforter 103110 Lucy2onsatincomforter 103110

Am I the bomb?  You know I am! Want to drool?  CLICK and enlarge me! Get ready to faint with joy!  And check out my glorious whiskers close up in the 2nd picture.  Green with envy yet?  They say my whiskers are like Rapunzle’s hair, never-ending.

My male is my best friend and his name is Sam. The 2 of us have many, many photos and we’ll just take your breath away!  I’ll be adding to this little story of mine later, but right now I needed to get this up and running BECAUSE I have my green eyes on a real looker that I want to make friends with.  Granted, she’s a girl, but she’s a girl that’s beautiful enough to be in my club.  Want to know her name?  It’s Admiral Hestorb.  I know, it sounds like a boy’s name, but I know for a fact she is a beautiful girl.  Now you’ll have to pardon me while I run over to her page and beguile her with my personality and charm. I have to sneak over because when Sam sees HER, he can hardly breathe for panting and drooling.  You know something?  The Admiral and Sam would have made really cute little…… uhhh, shhhhhh, forget I almost said that. Wipe that thought away!  Sam is mine, all mine.

Oh yes, I’m here and I’m the “paws” that refreshes!

Lucy The Beautiful is my name and being spoiled is my game ~~

By the way, I’ve been told I can’t be selfish, so I guess I’ll have to show Sam, too.  BUT, notice that I’m in the picture, too, and you can see who rules the roost.  So here is my own personal pirate, my Sam, and the princess (me) that loves him.  Notice my come-hither stare.  I learned that watching TV:

 PrincessLucyandPirateSam 2

 Yes, we are IRRESISTABLE so you can OOoo and Ahhh now cat


Ok, ok, that girl has talked about herself forever; it’s my turn now.  I’m Sam and some call me a Maine Coon but I say I’m a cat and not a coon.  Those people need glasses!  My human says I look like a miniature lion with my ruff all puffed out, but wait until you see my pride and joy!  I have angel wings, that’s right, angel wings.  I’ll bet I could fly if I wanted to!  One day I might try that…if I want to, that is.  I look very brave and sometimes I even act sort of brave, but, well, I’m really a pussy cat.  I love to cuddle up and follow my human everywhere.  That old Lucy gets in the act every single time and sometimes I have to show her who’s boss – she loves that, you know.  I puff way up and stare at her until she backs off.  Ok, she doesn’t back off.  She stares back and then licks my face.  I hate it when a woman knows just what to do.  Pssst, don’t you dare tell her, but I really like that kiss she bestows on me even if it is to get her way.  We both win, right?

I have LOTS of things to tell.  I just have to get a word in edgewise to do it.  Lucy will talk your fool head off.  I hear that’s a trait of women.  Is it?  Really?  Do they all give you a head butt and a nose lick with it?  We’ll discuss this more later; right now I’m going to show you better photos of ME without that furry girl hanging around.  Have to do this quick before she sees:

samawakeonfuton011006 Sam2 020708 fixed

Sometimes I like to be camouflaged…

sam111906   sam1 051506

OH, NOOOO, here she comes!  Ok, ok, Lucy, I’m moving for heaven’s sake; yes, you can have the desk now. (I’m going to the bed and I’m going to take up the entire wooly cat mat, so there!)

“Sam, the desk is mine! And look who’s got the mouse now!”


“HRUMPFFF! Go ahead, Lucy, keep believing that’s a mouse, he-he-he”

Samportrait enlarged 051807 

“HEYYYY, LUCY!  The feather-wand is MINE!”

“Sam, Lucy, that’s enough for tonight. This is your mom speaking and it’s time for all good kitties to go to bed.  Come on now, no more mice or feathers for now.  Back into the toy box. You can play again tomorrow. *Smooch*  Lights out ~~


  1. OH you GORGEOUS beautiful kitties!!!! You are without peer in the Realm. Your pictures do you justice. That's how stunning you both ARE! Oh, the lady Cats will roll and pose for you Sam, and Lucy, the Man Cats will be hissing and spitting and tussling to gain your favors. You two are magnificent!

    Come and see me anytime you gorgeous specimens of spoiled felininity!

    Smooches and hugs and kissies and snuggles.

  2. We just popped over from the Admiral's blog to meet you and wow! We were bowled over by your gorgeousness (both of you) and your entertaining purrsonalities. If you're not already, link your daily posts on the Cat Blogosphere site--you'll gain a lot of visitors that way! :-)

    -Annie, Nicki and Derry at Fuzzy Tales (

  3. Hello you two, Admiral told me about you too. Y'all are looking mighty fine, but I'm sure that's normal for you!!!

  4. Just back to clarify that our profile photo is of Chumley, our mom's first adoptee, who died suddenly almost four years ago -- blood clot. His story is on our blog (ours and the mom's), under the Chumley page tab. :-)

  5. Well hello Lucy the Beautiful and Sam!
    I saw your posting on Kea's blog and since I saw you were a tuxie princess I had to come over and say "hi" because I too am a tuxie princess -- a small one and a manx. I rule my house with my velvet paw. YOU do have a lovely purrsonality Lucy and it will be fun to get to know you. Sam you are a handsome fella and I can't wait to hear more of your stories.


  6. Oh my we sure are glad we found you two. You two are so good looking and Sam, we love all your fur. Lucy you are just such a pretty gal.What great pictures those are of you. We are looking forward to hearing more about all your activities. Take care and have a great day.

  7. Mommy asked me if I would like to come and look at your new blog. I am so glad I did. Sam and Lucy, you two are just the cat's meoow!! Gorgeous!

  8. Nice to meet you Lucy and Sam
    Welcome to CB !
    I'm looking forward to get to know you guys more : )

    Everyday Mr Puddy

  9. Welcome! Welcome! We lurrve hafing nu furriends on the CB! *purrs*

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  10. Note to Morgan: Morgan, I can see you in my kitty followers, but I can't find your page :(
    Where ARE ne you? I would love to come and visit. I never ignore anyone and would love to leave you a nice, nice note from Sam & me. I hope you see this....

  11. Admiral sent me over. It's so nice to meet both of you. Please feel free to drop by and visit anytime!

  12. Hi there, Lucy and Sam!! You both seem like a couple of fun kitties!! We can't wait to get to know you both better!!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  13. Hi Lucy & Sam' Nice to meet you. We just popped in from CB. You certainly are a Gorgeous Girl & Sam is a Good lookin Mancat.Hope to get to know you Better. Come on over and see us ~
    The Garden Cottage Cats

  14. Tank you, you guys are real Sweetheartz, we follow u too now ^~^

  15. Sam & Lucy you are 'the cat's whiskers' ... top cats of the most highest level...I'll be popping by now and again to follow your adventures, but I won't tell my Bess, 'cos she gets really jealous.
    purrrrrrrfect site you have here...xxPenxx

  16. Oh, hi, we are glad to meet both of you. We know the Admiral but came across you on the CB. It looks like you're going to have a problem getting blog time, Sam.

  17. Hey, beautiful Lucy. Mom is so happy to see you two on here.She found you on the Admiral's. Mom needs to help my Aunt J right now, dead battery, but we will return.
    Your new friend, Kassey