Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Feathers, Can There Ever Be Too Many ~~

No one loves a weather wand more than I do.  I tried to carry mine downstairs but I tripped over the stick and almost took a bad tumble, not the fun kind.  Now Mom hangs the wand over the doorknob for safety’s sake.  Not fair.

                                             I WANT IT!


                           Wait….maybe if I PULL it off myself!


I worked and worked on that but no dice.  It wore me out so much that I needed a nap.  Then I heard Mom saying something to Lucy and it woke me up FAST………


         Did I hear that right?? CARDINAL for dinner??  WooooWeeee!

         I’ll have the breast, please.  I’m watching my weight.


(POSTED BY SAM but typed by Lucy)


  1. Oh my dearest Samuel. You are very floofly & those eyes! My, my, my; it's enough to turn a Queen's head!

    Ms. Stella o'Houligan

  2. Hey Sam - oh my goodness - I absolutely LURRRVVE those! My humanoid gave me 2....one is yellow (lovingly known as the "canary") and the other is green (affectiontly known as "boa")....they're great.

    I hope you enjoy dinner! I'm going to be extra cute tonight and hope to get some super-yummy food.

    See ya - or rather head bonks back to you too! (you're so cool!)

    Yours cutely, Dexter x

  3. You two are the cutest things. Love those pics of you that mom posted. Enjoy your dinner!

  4. Wait - your mom puts your toys where you can't play with them? That's WRONG! You and Miss Lucy need to sue your mom. Don't let her bribe you with any Cardinal, either!

  5. Oh, gorgeous Sam, you remind us so much of our Annie!

    Cardinal? You get cardinal for dinner? How lucky can you get?!

  6. Oh, my CODDDDDD! Mom heard OkCats say about the lawsuit and now she's scared! hehehe, we love being on top of things :D

  7. Holy cats! We didn't know you let your mom read your blog! YIKES! Now she knows it was us who said that!! For the record, our mom reads our blog, too. It's not fair, really.

  8. THIS IS SAM SPEAKING: Lucy, whasamatterwithyou? "WEATHER wand?" Can't you type? Now everyone is going to think it was ME. Shhessshhhh. The w isn't even near the f. WhatsI'mGonnaDoWithYou!

  9. Ok, OK, Sam! So it's FEATHER wand. Don't you think they'd know that? Sheesh, you aren't the only cat with a PHc....that's doctorate of cat in case you didn't know. Don't mess with me, Sam....hissssss

  10. Sam...I will personally serve up that Cardinal for you and Lucy. Each can have half a breast. A little woodpecker thrown in for taste AND some squirrel for dessert. What say?

  11. Sam you are quite handsome! I like that your feather wand seems to match your furs!

    I just found your blog! You are both a lot of fun!

  12. Say...did y'all know that the special time of year where our Mom's get rated is coming up? That's right! Purrformance reviews! Keep the "forbidden toys" in mind!

    Cardinal? How about a road runner appetizer? Meep Meep!

  13. Sam Sam Sam you are the man(cat)!
    So handsome.
    So debonair!
    So sweet.

    We can see why all the lady cat swoon over you.


  14. You are gorgeous! And no, there can never be enough feathers.

  15. Oh no! We hope our mom doesn't get any ideas about hanging our feather toy over the doorknob!!

  16. What a handsome mancat you are! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  17. We're not allowed to have real feathers mom sayz dere dyed and besidez Lolly eatz dem.. :( and for dat matter we aren't allowed to have mice wit talez 'cause Gabriel chewz dem off and eatz dem..... :( but your weather wand looks like somethin maybe mom might let us have :)
    psst,,,, why don't ya chew dat thingie dats holdin it,,, Larry would chew dat sucker right off for you ^~^ UhOh gotta go here comez mom... bye.....

  18. ps. Da Girlz thinkz you are B E A U T I F U L!

  19. Not only is it not fair,"It is a Cardinal Sin". Doesn't your mom know that cats always land on their feet, and have 9 lives. I think maybe mom is being to purrrrrrrtective. Come on mom, let em play with the feather wand, and let that poor Cardinal go. I love you Lucy, and Sam, you are both Beautiful Kitty's, and I know, Kitty's Just Want To Have Fun!" So let the bird fly away, bring out the salmon, and give em that there feather wand to play. What do you say? :)

  20. We totally love feathers too! So much so that we often play with our wands to death within minutes of Mommy taking them out of the packet!

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  21. Sam, Bounce yourself up !!! It's easier !!!

  22. Yep, our feathery stuff gets put away too fur some strange reason!

  23. Not that is just norty of your Mom to hang that great toy over the door knob but we really don't want you to get hurt either. But nice try to get it down. Cardinal for dinner, wow, we will be right over. Take care.

  24. I do love that look on your face!

  25. Hi Lucy & Sam'
    Ana here;
    Tanxz for coming and walking in da Garden wit me,i luvz not bein Alone anymore, you two can play in our Garden Any time!,,, we All luvz when you guyz come over ^~^,,,,

  26. Hi Lucy and Sam! We're glad you like our ladder! We got it from the CSN Stores. Here's the link:


    You'll find our review of the ladder there, too.

    Awhile back, one of the blogging kitties had a giveaway for a gift certificate to the CSN Stores and we won! We got the ladder with our gift certificate. We LOVE it!!


  27. Hey Lucy and Sam, we came by to let you know that the Creek Cats are having a CSN Stores gift certificate giveaway on their blog today. You might want to visit them and put your name in the drawing. Then you could get that cool ladder...or something else that you want!!


  28. We love fev-vers!! Sniffie used to like to put them in the water bowl!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  29. Just found your blog and I must say, I likes me feathers as well. So my Human needs to supervise me so I don't eat them, how ridiculous is that? Your feather toy looks mighty fine!

  30. Hi Lucy and Sam,
    Thanks for coming to visit Dante. He was so flattered that you loved his pictures. He says you are one mighty fine tuxy ladycat, yourself, Lucy -- and Sam's a pretty good-looking dude, too!

    It's nice to meet both of you. That Admiral sure is a character isn't she?

  31. Mom just gave me a workout this morning with my feather wand and I'm tuckered out.
    Hey there, Sam, you sure are a handsome mancat, looking forward to cardinal dinner. Say hi to Lucy/
    head bonks to you both, Kassey

  32. Hello Sam, I love your picture trying to pull the toy. So cute!!! One of my boys love feather toy too :-)

  33. Hello, new friends! So great to meet you! Thanks so much for entering our giveaway and good luck!!!