Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rumors?? Of Forbidden Cat Love?

We, of the teamsterscatteryunion (see our membership button on the sidebar), have learned of a rumor concerning Luscious Lucy and the handsome Mr Puddy. Surprised?  Why just look at us!
As you can see, some of us almost burst out of our skins, while others were in shock, and one was actually yelling, “Give me all the dirt!”
It all started when Lucy laid her big green eyes on Mr Puddy.  Now, she didn’t just find him on her own, oh noooo, it was Miss Admiral that whispered to her that she and Puddy would make the most adorable kittens, opps.  We all know marriage should come first but that’s just how it all got started.
So our Lucy started her own blog with her guy, Sam, and then there he was, the Puddy himself, in all his glorious gorgeousness.  We heard that Lucy was so stunned that she fainted!  Well, wouldn’t you know it, Sam found Lucy stretched out on the floor and ran over to her.  The problem was, Sam heard Lucy mewing under her breath, “Oh, Mr Puddy”.  Sam jumped back in shock!
He shook Lucy to revive her and yelled, “What?? What’s going on????
Lucy yelled back, “But I haven’t DONE anything!  It’s just that Puddy is SOOOOO darn cute!”
Sam looked at Lucy, saw her fear, and said, “Don’t you remember when we were little? It was just us and we made a pact”
blkandwhitekitten  mainecoonkitten
Lucy looked at her beautiful Sam and said, “Yes, honeybunch'o fur, I remember”.
Sam said, “I have an idea.  We’ll take our problem to The Elder.  He’ll know what to do, because I do have to admit that Puddy really is so extremely handsome and such a gentleman.”
So off they went to see The Elder.
“Elder, how can my Lucy and I solve this problem?  It’s not really her fault, and it’s certainly not Mr Puddy’s fault, and as it always is, I was the last to know.”
The Elder crossed his paws, stretched out,  thought for just a moment and then said, “Lucy, you were swept away with desire, but now you see the light.  I can see it in your lovely green eyes.”
Lucy loudly purrrred her agreement and said, “I could never be alone without my Sam”.
Sam basked in those words and turned to The Elder and said, “So what is the answer, Elder?”
The Elder said, “I happen to know Mr Puddy very well, and yes indeed, he is a gentleman of the highest caliber. I spoke with him just yesterday about this and we have come to a most happy and purrrrrfect answer, but first answer me this: Lucy, do you love your Sam?”
Lucy mewed softly, “Of course I do”.
“And Sam, do you love your Lucy?”
Sam puffed up and said firmly, “Why, of course!”
“And do you both think that Mr Puddy is the Cat’s Meow?”
Mr_Puddy The Fabulous Mr Puddy
A chorus of paws waved YES into the air!
“Then, here is the answer, and if Mr Puddy agrees, it will be settled.  Mr Puddy will be Sam’s Very Best Friend in the Sphere, and he will be Lucy’s Most Loved 2nd In Command to always keep an eye on her.  She will still love him truly but in the appropriate manner.  After all, look at him, who couldn’t love Puddy – he is magnificent!  If you agree to this, all will be well in the Sphere.  What say you?”
Sam and Lucy jumped to their feet, waved their feather wands in joy, and yelled, “MR PUDDY, WILL YOU BE OUR BESTEST FRIEND?  We love you!”
********this was dictated to Luscious Lucy for typing by the teamsterscatteryunion********
whitepawprintsonblkbackgrnd And now the Union will head to their next appointment as the purrfect mediators that they are.


  1. It sure sounds like you all solved this problem with great maturity! We too think Mr. Puddy is pretty spectacular and you two would be very lucky to have him as your bestest friend! Of course, he would also be lucky to have you both! We love happy endings!

  2. Oh I think this is an excellent solution and thank goodness the Elder was able to be seen and consulted.

    Everyone benefits with loving friendship. ♥


  3. How very sweet for all concerned. Problem solved and nobody feels left out. I do have to say that the Union and the Elder are terrific as well as Lucy, Sam and Mr Puddy!

  4. I loved this story and all were happy in the end and purring nicely.!

  5. Well, that's the purrfect solution!! The Elder is very wise!

  6. What a wonderful story. The Elder really did know the answer!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  7. That is the purrfect solution. You can both be Mr. Puddy's best friend. Well done Mr. Elder. Hope all of you have a wonderful Sunday.

  8. Lucy
    We are so happy that both Sam and Mr Puddy will receive special honors and we love a happily ever after!


  9. The Elder is incredibly wise! Mr. Puddy is a handsome handsome guy! We think you three will have many fun adventures together! And don't feel bad for Puddy, we can think of at least a dozen girlcats waiting in the wings ready to console him. Tuxies are just naturally SO you well know.

  10. The Elder is very Wise,a good solution for all ~
    What a Wonderful story ,,,,, sigh,,,,,
    Headbutts to All ~

  11. I knew the purrfect solution would be found! Y'all have a great week!!!

  12. All is well that ends well, someone said. We love a happy ending and all because of the wise Elder. A wonderful feel good story.

  13. So much lurrrve floating all around... And like everyone else, we loved the happy ending! *purr*

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  14. Wow !!! I'm about to collapse..SO Sweet !!!!!

    But I have some exciting news to tell you and Sam.

    After I met your mom yesterday and found out you two were rescued breed it means you never know the past and I'm the same !

    Believe it or not, this is make a lots of sense ! We must be TWIN, Lucy !!! and we possible 99 % are brother and sister !

    we probably been separated when we was kittens. Don't you ever wonder why we look so much the same like TWIN !!
    When we look to each other like we look in the mirror and see ourself !
    How possible can be ? we live in difference country.
    Watch the movie " The Parent Trap " and then you will see 99% possible !

    I love to have a cat sister, Lucy
    Because I already been chop chop anyway ( Desexing ), can't do anything much about it.
    And as a brother and sister ..That's much more fun !!!
    Because you can't turn to be my boss ...hee...hee

    ( My Dad always said... After Married, woman always turned to be the boss by no reason ! )

    So...Sam, now you have nothing to worry about ? Lucy is still with you forever and another brother who live in down under !

    HUG..Sister !

  15. Hey Lucy & Sam,
    Gabriel & Arrius here;
    You're Right!,from behind we do look alike ,,,,hummmm
    You guyz are Welcome to hang out wit us anytime ^~^
    We'z jus snuggling to keep warm now ,it'z gettin darker here, we might be gettin an Ice storm soon brrrrr...... Can't wait for Spring ....sigh
    Luv, your Cousinz ^~^

  16. What a wonderful solution!! My kitty has a big crush on Mr. Puddy too! shh

  17. If I wasn't in love with Rupert (and Star and Spitty. I would have a mega crush on Mr Puddy too!!!

  18. Stopping in to make sure that you all made it home safely from my birthday party. Thank you so much for coming it was so nice to spend the day with you. I hope you had a good time.
    Loved the kittie photo! Way too cute!! I think you should take turns being the boss, that is only fair. Sometimes I want a sibling but being an only works out just fine as I am the boss all of the time.

  19. OMG! I love this!
    The Elder, reminds me of "Charmed Ones" ...

    Then ... the Union!


    Anyway, we are all glad that problem solved!
    Peace on Earth!!!
    No hissing, spatting (except out of love!)