Friday, January 28, 2011

New Quilts and Bunny-Kicked Birdies! ~~

This is Sam speaking today and I’m speaking to Stacy and her Miss Stella --- HEYYY, you two, can you hear me?  Ohhh, but I am LOVIN’ my new quilt and birdie!  Mom put them on the living room floor this morning and then made a little video of us…well, she tried.  She’s not exactly known for being able to hold the cam still; you know how old age is.  There are 3 videos and you’re going to see how much we loved our quilts.  This first is the very moment we laid our lovely eyes on them, with my apologies to Lucy:

I just went hog wild and had to have BOTH.  Watch this! …..

And THEN, a whole hour later Mom noticed that it was awfully quiet after hearing us race all over the place on our mats and swattin’ birdies left and right, so she sneaked around the corner and saw why.  We saw her run back to get the cam but we didn’t budge. We decided to give her a break and let her roll that cam one last time.  Oh yeah, and we PROMISE it was not a set up:

So Stacy and Miss Stella, Lucy and I thank you from the bottom of our happy paws for our lovely mats and birdies.  This morning was soooo much FUN!  We are sending you a huge kitty hug and sending Miss Stella a giant nose kiss heart


  1. The videos are awesome. Sam and Lucy are quite the pair!

  2. Oh, those quilts and birdies stuffed with nip look wonderful!
    Thanks so much for giving me the Stylish Blogger award - I will do my 7 things soon.

  3. We want quilts and stuffed birdies too! How come we dun enjoy such luxuries over here? Maybe we shud come and live wif you!

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  4. OH we had so much fun enjoying your videos. Sam and Lucy we are so glad you are enjoying your beautiful quilts and stuffed birdies. Mom ordered me a quilt too, but I think she should have ordered me a birdie too.


  5. Wow, it was cool seeing you guys live and in purson!! (well on film, at least!) Lucy really does look A LOT like Mr. Puddy! Such cute and fun blankies! p.s. your comment about the cat in glasseson my blog cracked me up! I actually have two kitties - one is all black and named Charlie, and the other is black and white and named Priscilla..she is the one on my website and I swear her bib is real!!

  6. Awwww,,, You guyz are sooo Cute,,, lookz like we really luvz our new quiltz and birdiez ^~^
    Mom thinkz you two are Absolutel Gorgeous, Beautiful cats!!
    Really cool to see you upz close & personal ^~^, lookz like Sam was hoggin the camera today,
    Have Fun you two,,, Play Nice^~^
    Purrrz & Headbuttz ~
    Your Cousinz

  7. Wow those quilts and birdies sure are a huge hit with you two. Love how Sam is using it as a cover. The videos are terrific. It is so much fun seeing them having so much fun. Glad you got those quilts and birdies.

  8. Oh I'm soooo Happy!!! THANK YOU so MUCH for posting video! I do think the best part was hearing lovely little Miss Luscious Lucy meow! What a doll!! And that Sam! He's just the bees knees! I'm so glad they like them so much!! Ms. Stella of course, sends her regards. She must have sent a 'secret coded message' just for Mr. Sam that hussy! teehee! Oh thank you so much again for letting me see how much they like their very own quilts! The birds are a riot aren't they?

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  9. You guys look like you are having so much fun!

    Cats of Wildcat Woods

  10. Those videos are great!! That birdie sure looks like a lot of fun!!

  11. CUTE !!! how fun to have new blamkies to pounce upon! pawesome.

  12. I Love the Videos !!!! I have to laugh because it was not like I thought ..Sam !..Sam !!! Sam !!!!...You are more fun than I thought. ..and Lucy, you are absolutely lady : )

    I might have the same look as you, Lucy because we are twin : )
    But my personality, I am Sam...hee..hee..hee ! I just look behave in front of the camera.

    Poor Lucy, I wish Sam doesn't take your quilt later on.
    Have a nice day with your beautiful quilts : )

    Love+ Kisses+ Hugs
    Puddy ( The twin Brother )

  13. Wow - those mats look amazing!! I wonder if my humanoid will buy me one too - they look like loads of fun! Loved the video!

    Enjoy your day for the rest of the! :)

    From a cute kitten x

  14. Fun videos and fun times going on fur sure! Enjoy your weekend!!!

  15. I fallin' down LOVED these videos. I loved seeing them so enjoying their quilts and birdies and seeing them both on their own..oh that was precious. I love hearing the little meows and mom loved hearing your obvious love for these babies.
    xoxox ♥

  16. Hi Lucy! I enjoyed the video!
    I also read your last blog and I am shocked to see you and Sam had to go through such a hard time before. You two are very brave kitties and you must be very proud of yourselves! I am very happy that you are safe and happy now. You are lucky to have your mom and she is lucky to have you two :-)

  17. Hi! so glad to meet you! I have seen you comment on a number of blogs that I follow and I decided to click on your name and see if you had a blog as well. sure do and it is ADORABLE! Your Sammy and Lucy are soooooo cute!

    Cody and I are your newest followers...hope you will stop over and visit us as well!

    Have a great weekend! It is our pleasure to meet you!

  18. Lucy and Sammy, I loved, loved your videos! I wish Julie was that smart and could do something with a cam and me!
    Julie says..I like hearing mom's voice and kept replaying the video 'cause it made it seem like we were visiting and watching all of you play!
    You mentioned dance of the seven fevvers...mmmm..that's got us stumped.
    Is Sammy going to read this? Lucy, maybe someday you'll dance for me. Not the Father Tom me, but the me-me here at Julie's house. OMC, I think I'm in love. I'm blurting out and embarrassing myself..I'll go now..
    "Shucks, Scarlett.."
    Hugs and smackeroonies,

  19. Mr. Sam, you really loved those mats and birdies! We smiled watching you have so much fun! But we do have to say that was a little bit Rude of you to smack Miss Lucy in her face. The last video of you both on (or under) your mats was just priceless. Love to you both!

  20. Hi, Lucy! Thank you for your comment and award!
    We will ask Mom to post it today. We are so happy that you were thinking about us :-)
    Goro & Niko

  21. Oh my goodness Lucy and Sam! You are both too cute! You can tell how much you loved!!! your presents. It couldn't be more obvious. And Sam was hoping he'd get them both! :)

  22. Awww Jenny, watching these videos would almost make me want to have a cat again, they were so cute, and I could hear the love in your voice as you spoke to them, I do admit, they are lovely lookers.
    Tango and Ruby say 'nuts' such ill educated creatures. I must take them in hand.