Thursday, January 27, 2011

I’m A Girl. It’s Hard To Type & Think At The Same Time…or so the saying goes ~~


We have an award! It’s called the Stylish Blogger Award and we have seen this on many of our kitty friends’ pages. It is so lovely and wouldn’t you know it, it matches my beee-uuu-tiful furs!  Yes, this is Lucy speaking because old Sam is napping right on top of his feather wand.  The award was bestowed upon us by our BFFC (that’s Best Friend Forever Cat), the lovely, the fun, the super smart, The Admiral!  Admiral, we love you and thank you so much for this.

Now we must tell 7 things about ourselves and then pass the award to 7 of our kitty bloggers. We figure by doing this and everyone else following suit, the entire cat world will be recognized before the month is up.  Hallelujah!  It’s about time we had our chance of taking over the world.

Ok, here we go.  I was shot, yes shot, and that’s how I was lucky to be rescued by Mom and be in a forever safe home. I hit the jackpot.

I am fearless beyond rationality. I think it’s probably because of what happened to me when I was little.  I figure Mom will always be there to save me now. So I say jump, run, FLY through the air!  I am immortal. Besides, I must do these things to entertain Sam, and here’s why…

Sam was battered by a human when he was a kitten so badly that his hips were dislocated.  There is much to his story, but he is completely safe and happy now and that’s what counts. Those are his very words. But, because of his hip problems earlier, he can’t jump well at all.  He needs help for anything higher than about 2 feet, and even those 2 ft aren’t the easiest for him.  He hates when I tell that.  He’s a mancat and that’s the way they are – full of pride.

Neither of us will eat our fuds next to a wall.  I started that tradition because I need to see what’s going on around me.  Sam thought I was crazy at first but then he tried it and now he’s a convert, too.  Besides, we think it’s so funny to hear Mom say those crazy words when she skids through a bit of fuds that might fall out of our plates, hehe.

I am not a lap cat, no.

Sam is not a lap cat, no.

We found something better than laps to show our undying love to Mom.  We wait for her to sit in a chair or on the sofa.  Then we walk back and forth, back and forth over her lap just to get her attention. Then the real love comes. We get up really, really close to her face and then turn around. There it is, the 3rd Eye, the absolute expression of true love. So see, Mom?  There really is a reason.  We love you, Mom.

We have favorite mousies. Mine is black and white like I am and Sam’s is brown multi like he is.  They are just like we like them now, broken in and chewed :


Now it is time for award passing and your time to do the same thing.  The problem is, most everyone that we know already has this award, so what are we to do?  Our PUDDY would have been first but we saw he already had it, too!  Well, we tried.  If you see that we follow you and you do not have this award, PLEASE come get it from me. Everyone deserves it for absolutely certain.

Stylish-Blogger.jpg from Admiral 012611

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Now it is time for us to go.  Mom’s got that darn flashy thing out again and we are refusing.  Do you hear us, Mom? REFUSING!


Many nose kisses and head bonks from us to YOU!


  1. You two SO deserve that awardie and you two are THE best bed decorations there ever was, except me of course.

    Mommy doesn't understand anyone who could be cruel to a precious little one. And that means any animals because humans are supposed to be good stewards of us. Thank goodness, she said, that you two have the love and care..most of all love that you deserve and your lives are enriching hers. Oh and I show mommy that third eye too. It's an honor!

  2. Congratulations on the award! It was both upsetting and fun to read those 7 things -- upsetting to know you had been shot and that Sam had been battered. We can only hope that karma has come back to bite those so-called "humans" in their *sses.

    BTW, when Nicki gives mom the "third eye," she blows on it to get him to move. MOL!

  3. Came back...those pics of Annie were from January 2007. The mom will check, she thought she had indicated that, but she's not exactly on the ball lately!

  4. Yay!! You two TOTALLY deserve this award! We liked learning more about you two, but our mom got really upset reading them. She does not understand how anyone can abuse any animal. It's amazing that you two are so loving and trusting after all you've been through. Your mom must be really good people (as we suspected anyway). We both like to show our mom our third eye, also, but she gets all bent out of shape. She even said the other day that my backside smelled like farts! She is very rood.

    Your friend, Zoe

  5. Oh Lucy! You and Sam are the bravest kitties! And that 3rd eye? We show Mommy ours all the time too! That's why she's always fussing with wet baths, dry baths, butt wipes... you name it. She says she wants us to smell divine everywhere! And thank you sooooo much for sharing this award with us. We are gonna make Mommy boast about it on our bloggie now!

    *purrs & headbutts*
    Slash & Bronzy

  6. WHoot! Now we can play too! Thank you for the award! That Woman has created a whole weeks blogs since there are 4 kitties in this house. EACH will have their own day with their picx & the 7 things listed.

    When I read about your abuse my back instantly arches! Humans can be so E.V.I.L. in my opinion (and that womans shares it) harming animals and children is just immedately punshishable by the inner circle of H.E.L.L.

    Loved reading more about you both and I hope you'll come by and read about each of us (including The Gurl & That Woman) in the days ahead!

    Ms Stella O'Houligan

  7. It was interesting to read about you and your special facts - so horrible that people treated you both badly. But you obviously have found a very special forever home now, haven't you? And that is very very good.

  8. You are two lucky cats now, and you just gotta put the past behind you and enjoy your wonderful life with momma Jenny. Congratulations on your award, I thought \I had one as someone? put a comment I had 'something'
    I had a cat once she died when she was 18 years old, so if your very lucky, well if you can get any luckier, you might just make that great age too, now I'm going to s-cat- over to do some more blogwalking, tell Mum thank you for popping by. Cat kisses to both.

  9. Hi, Lucy, it's so sweet and kind to give me this award.. Mom was so saddened to know you and Sam had been treated so bad by some humans. You are very blessed to be with your Mom. It was so cute to see your third eye. I do that when I'm upset with Mom.
    xxxx Kassey

  10. Hi Lucy and Mum, you are both doing a grand job and deserving of your reward. Nita xxxxx

  11. Bravo !!!!!!! Lucy and Sam for an award
    Youstory is so interesting !!
    Hey, 99.9 % sister, I would like to know more about you and sam. I'm dying to know the full story...Like, Where's about you got shot in your body and how old was you ( at that time ) ?

    Very bad human like that should got bad karma back ? but I'm so happy with you two right now. You have one of the best mom in the world. and lovely forever home. Thanks so much to share this to us. Pretty Amazing Story !

    Kisses and Purrs

  12. Lucy and Sam
    We are so happy to hear that after all you've been through that you got the ultimate happily ever after story.
    The man (the father in the house I used to be in) made them get rid of me. At the time, there was a neighbor who was a part of the cat rescue group Mom now works with. He asked her to take me and if no one wanted me to leave me out back of the other words do not bring me back. Of course my story is happy too because my true hooman Mom came that very day to get me. I've been with her for over 5 years now, I am the reason she started blogging. So we are all lucky kitties!


  13. Lucy and Tom, we sure are glad you found such a great home. It sounds like you both had a great start to life. Thank heavens you found your wonderful Mom.
    We do already have that wonderful award. You certainly do deserve it.
    BB does have the run of the house when I am home. She hates other cats most of the time but she is fine with them as long as I am around. They seem to pick on her. But thanks so much for your comment on our blog.

  14. Congrats on such a nice award, y'all really are stylish fur sure! It was so interesting to learn more about you, but I'm sorry there was some bad stuff early on in your lives. Yes, the jackpot you hit. I really appreciate all of the kind comments you leave on my blog too, they make me smile!!!

  15. Congratulations on your stylish award and thanks so much for passing it on to us!! You two sure have interesting stories to tell. Lucy, you were really shot??!? Wow! And could anyone treat you bad?? We are happy that you both are safe and have a wonderful home now!!

  16. Hi Lucy and Sam!! Concats on your Stylish Blogger award, you certainly deserve it!! You're right, it totally matches you furs too!! Perfecto <3 I'm so sad to hear about your rough start in life, but filled with joy that you are now in a safe, happy forever home!! It brings tears to my eyes! Thank you so much for your nice comments on my blog!! xoxo

  17. Hi Again,,,,
    Thanx,, We are aware of da Award Miss Admiral passed it on to us ,,,She' such a Dolly Baby ^~^ but like you, if mom is busy the puter iz notz out.... She & Dad hafz been busy digging us out. We Havez LOTZ o'Snow !! Want some?
    We'll be posting about the Award in a little bit ^~^
    Thanx for stopping by Alwayz gladz when you do ~
    Purrz & Headbuttz ~

  18. OOOPPSS! Concats on your Award ^~^
    You Guys are Alwayz Stylin ^~^

  19. Concatulations on the pawsome award!!! You definitely deserve it! Thanks so much for passing it to us as well. We will display it in our trophy case with pride!!

  20. Oh Saaaaammm.....wait..I didn't do that! Sowwy.

  21. Congratulations you two!! You certainly are deserving of this award!

  22. Congrats on your award! How exciting! Thanks for sharing your stories (what bad Humans there are out there) and we are SO happy that you have now found your safe, loving forever home with that great Mom of yours. Of course you two totally deserve it cause look how great YOU are!

  23. That's amazing! I read those things about both you and Sam over, and over again.....I feel like I'm really getting to know you.

    Thank you for sharing, congrats on the award and I'm really happy you both found a nice humanoid! xx
    From a cute kitten x

  24. ..hee....hee.....and BIIIIIIG HUGS from me to you - maybe even some nose licks and head bonks for the award!!

    This award really does prove how cute I am....thank you for noticing! :)


  25. Lucy,
    I saw your picture while writing a note for Brian (of Brian's Home) and I couldn't resist visiting you so here I am!
    First of all, your picture really shows that you are an old fashioned girl, fur sure! What a treat to see you defy modern technology in favor of a typewriter! Yeah fur you!
    I am your newest follower and I do hope you will visit me sometime!