Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Mewsings ~~

Hey, Lucy here.

I’m only allowed the computer for a minute but I wanted to remind everyone to support their local shelters, adopt shelter animals, adopt homeless strays that are purraying for a forever home, and remember that we are linked to all living things including humans.  Please tell all humans to care for us like we care for them with our undying gratitude and love.

Mom said to tell you that it is just about impossible to visit with you right now.  She is taking care of many things for her friend that has been hospitalized since Dec 23rd.  The friend is now home but cannot do things for herself yet, so Mom is helping and gone most of the day.  Sam and I know this but we’re getting antsy for Mom to be around here more.  I even tried doing my cute pose – the one where I try really hard to look extra small and kittenish ‘cause it always makes her melt:


See me trying to guilt her into staying home?  “Come on, Mom, just a few little belly kisses, ok?”

Please remember Annie in your “purrayers for poop”.  And give a little head bonk to her mom, Kim, too.

Mom says I have to go now because she needs to leave and take care of that human friend.  She says she will visit when she can and that she is thinking of all you boooofull fur-babies.  Until then, I’m waving from my favorite position:




  1. Well, let me just say the extra small, kittenish, cute pose certainly won ME over. I think it will work on your mom as soon as she sees you've posted it.

  2. Your mom is a super friend and that makes her very special Lucy. You and Sam are very lucky!
    I love that pose of yours, it sure would make my heart melt!

  3. Lucy, we bet your Mom had to give that luscious tummy a quick kiss before she left!

  4. Hey Sister : )
    Tell your mom if she is not give you a kiss , I your mom is better be quick !!!!
    You got a great mom, Lucy !
    I hope her friend don't give her a hard time like us : )
    Say " Hi " to Sam for me

  5. Miss Lucy, you are so adorable! We don't know how your mom could leave you alone, honestly. But, you have a very nice mom, helping other people in need. So, hopefully you and Sam aren't being too hard on her.

  6. Well. think I agree totally with my friend Beth's comment on here - tell your mum to take care and we look forward to seeing her soon and she and her friend are in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. We hope your Mom's friend is better soon so she can spend more time with you.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  8. Aw, are adorable!! We bet your mom finds it hard to leave a cutie like you! We sure hope your mom's friend feels better soon.

  9. Oh Miss Lucy
    If you are not one of the cutest tuxie girls ever!
    You melted my Mom with your kitten pose. What a sweetie you are. And your Mom is too for taking such good care of her friend.


  10. Hi, Lucy! I love your cute pose!! It melts me too...awwwww. I'm sure your mom feels very guilty, but she is very kind to take care of her friend. I hope her friend gets well soon. I am praying for Annie and my boys are purring too. I hope she feels better soon as well.

  11. Sorry to hear about your friend. :( Your Mom is being so dear to help out. Yet she still had time to post about kitties in need. But we don't want to forget about you Lucy! That is quite an adorable pose! I send you a virtual tummy rub.

  12. You are so VERY beautiful Luscious Lucy that my mommy wants to kiss you all over..and snorgle that belleh!

    Tell you mom that my mom sends hugs.

  13. Hi Lucy!! I introduced you to the Tuxedo gang as our newest Member!! Welcome to the Club!! Stop on by and leave your link so we can come visit you and Sam!!
    Samantha & The Tuxedo Gang

  14. You have a very special Mom, Lucy. Take good care of her. I bet she finds it very hard to tear herself away from that kittenish pose. I echo your sentiments about shelters. I am a shelter cat.


  15. You are just too gorgeous, Lucy! We hope your Mom gave you many many many belly kissies!

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  16. Oh you are the DARLING in that pose. My human just melted all over the flippin floor!

    Anyhow; she's say's to tell you she mailed out your Quilts & Birdz yesterday (Monday) so be on the lookout for surprises!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  17. I hope that your Mom's friend gets better soon! We will be purring for her! I don't know how she can resist your kitten pose..I want to reach through the screen and rub your belly! Miss Lucy, you are beautiful beyond words!

  18. Good Morning you two! lease come and see your award on my page this morning. Stylish Blogger.♥♥♥

  19. Hey Lucy & Sam,
    We jus stopped by to say "Hi",,,, don't feelz bad we hazn't had much puter time lately either. All mom & dad seemz to do iz shovel dat White stuff around.
    You sure look Cute there Lucy,,,, don't know howz your mom can resist????
    Purrz ~

  20. Aren't you lucky to have such a kind caring Mum, I too hope her friend will soon be better.

  21. Wow! really are beautiful.....and it would be quite nice to have a furry mommy...

    My humanoids are great and they're coming along well with my training - but they're not as furry as you!

    I'm waving back with my cute paw.....

    From a cute kitten x