Friday, March 25, 2011

Short Update…..

This is Sam & Lucy’s mom, Jenny.  I am so sorry that I haven’t kept up, but so much has happened on this end.  I haven’t felt well but as of yet haven’t had the time to make any appt for the doctor.  There is much that has happened but I have posted it on my human blog which you are welcome to read.

Sam & Lucy miss all you furries something terrible and think all of you are the cat’s meow.  They will be back in the future when everything is done on this side.

Thanks, love, nose licks and head bonks all around.  See you later on down the road.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our First Valentine’s Day Extravaganza! ~~

We could not miss wishing our furriends a Happy, HAPPY Valentine’s Day!  Oh, we took the greatest of pains to dress for the holiday.  We used separate, private rooms for our dressing and didn’t let anyone, including Mom and even each other, know what we had planned. We even hired our own separate professional photographers!  I can’t wait to see Sam.  He’s been mewing and carrying on and struttin’ his stuff for days!

Our Mom says she is still loaded down with papers but is getting closer to a finish. I just hope she doesn’t see us using her computer. She laid down the claw…er, law, and said ‘NO TYPING while I’m gone’, so we’re hurrying as fast as we can.  Here is our surprise Happy Valentine’s Day!  I can’t wait to see which of us looks the best!  This is just so exciting that I’m all a-twitter with stage fright nerves!

Me first!


Oh my COD! Sam is screaming his head off at me and saying I should be ashamed!  What’s the matter with him?  A girl should be proud of her body, and mine is luscious!  Besides, I got an offer I couldn’t refuse from P-ewwie Hefner of PlayCat magazine.

Ok, here comes Sam!


Oh good GRIEF!  How could he do that? He looks like a freakin’ PIMP!  Ohhhh, Sam!

No time to change or get a new photographer nowwwww --- Here comes MOMMM!


(…and we’ll be visiting you SOON – we might need a new home after this…)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Info only, no need to reply

Mom is in the midst of taxes so we don't get to type or anything. Hrmumph. No fun, Mom. But she says this will take at least a week and probably 2, so if you don't see her blogging OR visiting, that's why. She'll be back as soon as she can.

Friday, February 4, 2011

My Turn, My Turn!

…and once again, Lucy speaks:

Guess what.  Sam got a turbo track.  Yes, Sam, not me. Sam loves the crazy thing. I don’t like it and see no point in it whatsoever, BUT, I will guard it, hehehe.  I love seeing Sam get all bent out of shape when I’m the sentry of the day.


I stare at him and say what he says to his mousies, “DO NOT MOVE”.  Sam will wait all day……so will I, hehe.


I have to be very hush-hush about this next thing I’m going to tell you.  You must promise never to tell my mom.  You know I say I’m a satin kind of gal?  Well, it’s true!  I take my daytime naps all by myself on “my” satin and silk comforter.  I’m sure it’s “my” own room, too, ‘cause Mom’s never said any differently.  There is a very special pillow on this bed and I just had to touch.  It is made of silk and pearls and oh my goodness, it is so beautiful!  How could I not touch it?  Now here is the part that you must NEVER let my mom know because she said she hocked the house to buy this pillow.  I eased my paw out towards this delicious looking pillow, and then I extended one – just ONE – very finely sharpened claw.  I moved ever so carefully and quickly and then snatched a pearl as fast as I could!  It went flying up in the air and onto the floor and rolled under the dresser.  I looked back at the pillow.  Uh oh….UH OH!…it shows a pearl is missing!  I have been working diligently to cover up my mistake.  I am kneading and kneading the pearls together and yes! They are beginning to move!  Why, in no time, no time at all, Mom won’t be able to even tell!  Ohhhh, I am so creative!  Besides, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right?  (why do those threads look so squiggly now?) By the way, what is “hocked”?  Is it anything like hacked? I mean I’ve hacked a hairball, but has Mom hacked a house?

Here I am almost ready for my close-up.  “Just one more minute Mr DeMille…There’s a floof out of place”.


READY!  (see the pearls?)


“Oh how I love the poiles, the poiles, the lurvely poiles!” Mom says when I do that accent, it’s not attractive.  Hey, she’s not the one in front of the camera now, right?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mornings MOLS With Me, SAM!


Hi! Sam here this morning!  Mom said I could tell you about my morning ritual that has been going on every morning without fail for 6 years.

First I wake up Mom with very droolin’ kisses. Somehow I learned that actually pressing my droolie lips to her face and holding them there just like a human was the way to go. I start on her cheek, then move to her eye lids and then, smack dab on her lips with mine. That gets her up every time. If she doesn’t move fast enough, I part my lips and use my teeth to grab her lip and well…she’s not too happy about that one.

Then it’s time for breakfast downstairs. Lucy runs like the wind down the steps and beats everyone to the kitchen.  I take my time and take only one step for each that Mom takes. If she stops, I stop; if she starts moving faster, so do I.  I think she thinks it’s a game because she always starts giggling. If she backs up a step, so do I. Drives me crazy.

To the kitchen and she fills my dry fuds dishes with my Fancy Feast Gold. Then the wonderful sound of the ‘pop’ of the can top and I know breakfast is very close. I start to drool up again. Oh boyyyy, here come the plates!  Lucy showed me that it’s much better to have the plates in the middle of the kitchen floor because you can see from all sides. Mom wasn’t thrilled with this discovery but she finally gave in when we whined enough.

After we eat, we head straight to the litter box and take turns. We yell very loudly for Mom to come and scoop right away.  She is so well trained that we’ve almost decided to teach classes or write a book, “How to Litter Train Your Mom”.

Now it’s MY turn for MY special fun. I run upstairs and get my brown/white mouse. As I’m carrying it down the steps, I begin yelling, all the while with it in my mouth. Yes, I am a ventriloquist!  At the bottom of the stairs, I drop it and begin to scream at it in case it decides to move. I get so loud that Lucy runs to see what the matter is.  Then she sees and just shrugs and walks off.  Next I go back upstairs to get the other mouse, Lucy’s mouse (well, it used to be mine, too). I do the same thing with that one.  Now that they are downstairs, I can take them to each room with me later on. That makes me very happy and I think it’s good organization for the day.

Then it is time for a nap from all the morning work, so I go back upstairs and grab that warm spot on the bed before Mom can get there and try to make the bed. Most times I lose and have to move but sometimes, just sometimes, I win…..


Mom said to tell you that the most amazing thing about me is that I take both mousies back upstairs at the end of the day and and then scream at them again to let them know “DO NOT MOVE”. Then I put them back into my wicker toy basket. Most of the time they make it, but sometimes one is only near it.  I’m sure that one moved. I’m sure of it!!


(dictated to Lucy for typing on the Underwood typewriter)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sanctuary Sunday Smiles ~~

Well…Sam took all the mats and all the birdies on Friday. That’s a ManCat for you. But look! It’s back! My mat is back! Sam had better not even glance at my birdie. Look at me, I’m talking and smiling at the same time! Mom said she doesn’t think she’s ever seen me smile so BIG………


Friday, January 28, 2011

New Quilts and Bunny-Kicked Birdies! ~~

This is Sam speaking today and I’m speaking to Stacy and her Miss Stella --- HEYYY, you two, can you hear me?  Ohhh, but I am LOVIN’ my new quilt and birdie!  Mom put them on the living room floor this morning and then made a little video of us…well, she tried.  She’s not exactly known for being able to hold the cam still; you know how old age is.  There are 3 videos and you’re going to see how much we loved our quilts.  This first is the very moment we laid our lovely eyes on them, with my apologies to Lucy:

I just went hog wild and had to have BOTH.  Watch this! …..

And THEN, a whole hour later Mom noticed that it was awfully quiet after hearing us race all over the place on our mats and swattin’ birdies left and right, so she sneaked around the corner and saw why.  We saw her run back to get the cam but we didn’t budge. We decided to give her a break and let her roll that cam one last time.  Oh yeah, and we PROMISE it was not a set up:

So Stacy and Miss Stella, Lucy and I thank you from the bottom of our happy paws for our lovely mats and birdies.  This morning was soooo much FUN!  We are sending you a huge kitty hug and sending Miss Stella a giant nose kiss heart