Friday, February 4, 2011

My Turn, My Turn!

…and once again, Lucy speaks:

Guess what.  Sam got a turbo track.  Yes, Sam, not me. Sam loves the crazy thing. I don’t like it and see no point in it whatsoever, BUT, I will guard it, hehehe.  I love seeing Sam get all bent out of shape when I’m the sentry of the day.


I stare at him and say what he says to his mousies, “DO NOT MOVE”.  Sam will wait all day……so will I, hehe.


I have to be very hush-hush about this next thing I’m going to tell you.  You must promise never to tell my mom.  You know I say I’m a satin kind of gal?  Well, it’s true!  I take my daytime naps all by myself on “my” satin and silk comforter.  I’m sure it’s “my” own room, too, ‘cause Mom’s never said any differently.  There is a very special pillow on this bed and I just had to touch.  It is made of silk and pearls and oh my goodness, it is so beautiful!  How could I not touch it?  Now here is the part that you must NEVER let my mom know because she said she hocked the house to buy this pillow.  I eased my paw out towards this delicious looking pillow, and then I extended one – just ONE – very finely sharpened claw.  I moved ever so carefully and quickly and then snatched a pearl as fast as I could!  It went flying up in the air and onto the floor and rolled under the dresser.  I looked back at the pillow.  Uh oh….UH OH!…it shows a pearl is missing!  I have been working diligently to cover up my mistake.  I am kneading and kneading the pearls together and yes! They are beginning to move!  Why, in no time, no time at all, Mom won’t be able to even tell!  Ohhhh, I am so creative!  Besides, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right?  (why do those threads look so squiggly now?) By the way, what is “hocked”?  Is it anything like hacked? I mean I’ve hacked a hairball, but has Mom hacked a house?

Here I am almost ready for my close-up.  “Just one more minute Mr DeMille…There’s a floof out of place”.


READY!  (see the pearls?)


“Oh how I love the poiles, the poiles, the lurvely poiles!” Mom says when I do that accent, it’s not attractive.  Hey, she’s not the one in front of the camera now, right?


  1. Oh, my, Lucy, such beautiful silk and satin. Don't massage those pearls too much. Maybe it is better to just leave things with the ONE missing.

  2. Lucy, our mom thinks your a handful. Gorgeous, but a handful. :-P

    Mom also says maybe your mom should move that pillow. We think that's a terrible suggestion, of course -- a star like you deserves satin and pearls!

    P.S. We recently got a turbo track and only Nicki plays with it. It seems pointless to Derry and Annie!

  3. Careful of those pearls - they are very pretty but you need to be nice for your mom.

    Cats of Wildcat Woods

  4. Oh No!,,, Lucy,Lucy,Lucy.... We'z Afraidz you gonna windz up in Big Troublez :(((
    We'z had a few "Accidentz" here and da mom waz NOT Happy!! She saidz if we ruin HER stuff she waz gonna takez one of our toyz away each time we waz bad... Horror!! Then she put All da goodz stuff away she said till we growz up and knowz how to Behave ,,,Humph! Lolly had a Handmade French Lace Throw wit Lotz of Tasslez around da edges ,,, she loved to lay on it,,,, mama saw dat and almost had a heart attach,,, now it'z Gone!! We have lots o lamps wit pretty beadz to play wit hanging from dem ,,, now Covered wit plastic..... And Now mama haz a Water bottle .... GASP...
    So you better be'z Careful Lucy! You're better off messin wit Sam'z Turbo Track ^..^ Your Mom should visit our mom'z Garden Cottage Blog soundz like dey have alotz in common .... sigh

    Better Stayz outta trouble Lucy ~
    Purrz & xoxoxo

  5. Lucy
    I know a girl and her pearls they go together like PB and J! It's so true. I do not blame you for being so attracted to those shiny opalescent orbs. They would love just magnificent hanging around your beautiful neck. I do think that your Mom will forgive you and of course you can go back and start figuring out how to get the rest of those pearls off that pillow.


  6. Oh Lucy, you are hilarious; in fact, you are so hilarious that I cannot believe you only have 36 followers! I thought you'd get lots more attention after you were featured on my THANKFUL FUR 3 FRIENDS THURSDAY soooo what is wrong with these people? At least you know one person & 3 animals who think you are a comic!
    Also....your suggestion that PUDDLES should use her barking skills in a career as a preacher or a politician is BRILLIANT!

  7. Lucy don't feel bad. I bet your Mom understands that no self-respecting girl cat could EVER ignore such lovely and feminine pillows! Simply gorgeous!! I bet your Mom would understand but I promise I won't tell.
    Ohhh and you are sooo funny teasing Sam the way you do! xoxo

  8. Oh, my! We won't tell your secret, we would not want you to lose the opportunity to feel that silk and those pearls. Be careful though so no more pearls will come off or mom may notice they are missing and then that could be a problem. Hugs and nose kisses.

  9. I will never ever tell.
    Keep working on arranging the pearls and she will never ever know about it!

    bonkbonks to all of you for a fun week-end

  10. Lucy dear, I promise not to tell your mom about the missing pearl.

    Aunt Beth

  11. Your pillow wrecking transgression might make your mom a wee bit mad -- but I'm sure she'll not love you any less. We hoomins who love cats always forgive and forget, because we know you can't put a price on feline love.

  12. At least it was just one and NOT ten. If it were 10, we think your Mom will really hack a house!

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  13. Sweet Sister, You are so girlly !!!!
    I try to help you solve the problem here. One pearl is missing ! You might have to replace with something similar size...a kibble might do a job!
    Then your mom can't tell any pearl is missing. And I think she might love it Because a kibble can give her the drooling effect while she sleep : )


  14. we keep it a soosh topic for ya! no tell.
    you look very sweet. and that track toy looks so fun. we dont have that. hm, we dont have alot of those things. i think we are going to make a christmas list this year !!!!

  15. Hi you two, we saw you on Mr. Puddy's blog and wanted to say hi.
    Lucy, my little sisfur Chilli wants you to know that she thinks you're being very ladycatlike with that pillow - she would have chewed all the pearls off the first night.
    Many purrs,
    Siena Snowfox

  16. Tango and Ruby says, we've been reading up my mum's blogs, just to make sure she's not being chatted up like, and we want to know, how much to keep your secret cat? coz you just ain't got no right to satin and poiles! when we have to make do vet fluff and fleece, but I bet it's nicer than your 'poiles' any day, But cough up your next fish dish or your toast.

  17. Mr Puddy has me ROLLING! I even skipped bunny kicking my Plague Ratsie I was rolling and meowing so much! A kibble is a great idea! He is full of ideas and I love efurry one of them. You and I are girly girls and we love the silks, satins and jewelry. So, mommy's have to know we are going to showcase our feminine selves and not get all squinchy eyed about it.

    Take Mr. Puddy's advice. She'll never notice till she wonders about the drool stains.

    You GO girl..I am PROUD of you! Carry that beautiful tail high! xoxoxox ♥

    Um, Sam? I'm over here, baby.

  18. Lucy, you sure know how to drive a mancat crazy! All that talk about satin and pearls, my word! And, there you are luxuriatin' so floofily and beautifully, I just can't stand it.

    By the way, forget about the track. If you come over to visit, I'll keep you so occupied, you won't even miss it! I'll turn the lights down low..get a nice fire going and purr, I mean pour, the wine..

    Have a good weekend!


    (Julie says if I get a little too overbearing, it's the cabin fever! hahaha!)

  19.'re gonna be in loads of trouble "almost-aunty Lucy".....hee-hee.....I promise not to say anything.

    Love your close-up today! You're such a pretty cat!

    From a cute kitten x

  20. Lucy,

    Now that's quite a story you told about the pearls and the pillow. But man, what a pillow! No wonder you want to cuddle up with that.

    But I've got to tell you, I can see exactly where that pearl should be. But there will be no telling from here. Our lips are sealed!

  21. You know; those silly girly things can be such a nuisance! Now; if you lived in my house; I could getz you a replacement bobble in no time flat! That Woman has an entire supply of them things from when she got to take apart like 7 wedding dresses a couple of years ago. All the shiny's are stored in jars in her bead cupboard. (WE are not allowed into THAT cupboard) So you writes me a note on the sly of what size you need & I can get it to you; den you havez your slave Mr. Sam *batts eyes* sewz it back on for ya. Den all done! Problemz solved & you can go backs to being the cutest thing on 4 legs!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  22. We love our turbo track. Ellie was playing with it in the middle of the night last night!
    You're pretty smart to figure out how to hide the missing pearl.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  23. Oh too funny Lucy, you and that pearl. Like someone suggested, maybe leave the pillow alone now and don't try to fix it. All the guys here are swooning over your close up picture. A couple of them hit the deck. That is one awesome picture. Take care all of you and have a great day.

  24. Don't worry Lucy, mums the word when it comes to Mom! Hooray for Turbo Tracks, go Sam go!

  25. When you do these neat things that your mommie probably won't want you to do just make sure the camera isn't there to gather evidence. I don't know of any girlie that could pass up on pearls.

  26. Good afternoon, Lucy! Sam is waiting, let him play with turbo track :-) Your story with pearl is so funny! I chuckled to imagine the scene you were kneading pearls together so hard. Oh you are so cute. Don't worry, we will not tell your mom...but lots of kitties and humans all over the world who read this post know. Hee hee.

  27. Oops. Can you blame it on an pearl hunting intruder?

  28. You look so beautiful on your white satin!!

    We've always wanted to play with a turbo track!

  29. Lucy, You are ready for your close up!'re a Hollywood gal!

    Mr. Puddy said you are so girly. I was going to say you are a girly-girl! And girly-girls know luxury when they see it! :) So go ahead and enjoy the finer things in life!

  30. We won't say a thing cuz we don't want you in trouble. If Mom notices just tell her you couldn't resist it cuz all girls love pearls.
    xoxox Kassey

  31. Ummm, Miss Lucy? We think your mom reads your blog. Remember one time when we told you to sue your mom and she came and commented on our blog? We think that since she is distracted with taxes right now, you might be able to delete this post before she ever comes to read up on your latest postings. If you're lucky. We'll purr for you.

    Love, Fuzzy and Zoe